Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene

So by the time Irene reached central New England, she wasn't a hurricane anymore. Tropical storm force winds are still powerful, especially coupled with the rain attacking already saturated soil. Our town got off pretty easy compared to some areas in Massachusetts. Had Irene still been a category 3 hurricane, things would've been nightmarish. Instead, we were inconvenienced.
This is a shot of the tree that fell down the road from our house. It ripped out of the ground, bending down over the lines, then broke up and took out a couple structures. No one was hurt, which is what really counts.

More property damage

Branch on the wires

More fallen trees

Need truck to get through here!
Choppy lake!

Beach? The waterline is usually about 3 feet to the left of that string!

This tree crew (below) was from Michigan. They thought we were all very polite - we were just grateful to have the trees cleared off the power lines.Thank you!
National Grid got our electricity back on just before 8 pm Monday. YAY! We could hear everyone cheering from down the road. Glad to have this first big hurricane over - now on to the first day of school!