Sunday, June 21, 2015


Caitlin Harrington hasn't had a good relationship with her father, so Father's Day isn't something she celebrates. Wise words from Chaplain Oakes, which aren't even aimed at her personally, open her eyes. I'm sharing this excerpt from SHE'S MINE for all those out there who maybe didn't have the greatest Dad. Or maybe you do have the perfect father - hopefully this passage will help you appreciate him even more.

The pastor paused a moment, letting each parishioner gather thoughts of their parent. He smiled. “My dad was a wonderful man. Of course, it wasn’t until I was a father myself that I could fully understand how wonderful. Even so, he often had occasion to lose patience with me as I have struggled to keep mine with my children.”
A smattering of laughter supported his sentiment. Caitlin smiled, too. Being a teacher had given her a healthy respect for the difficulties of raising children.
“Now, as I read these familiar passages I’d like you to think about your earthly father in contrast to your Heavenly Father. We, as children of God, often give the Lord good reason to be angered or lose his patience. Yet He sent us his Son, and we are all saved by the sacrifice of Jesus. As you go about celebrating Father’s Day today, think about how loving our Heavenly Father is”

Chaplain Oakes turned to his Bible, glancing at the congregation to be sure all were ready for the reading. In those few seconds of waiting, Caitlin bowed her head. Lord, I haven’t ever thought of my dad as loving. Please forgive my selfish feelings. Even if those feelings are the product of my parents’ bad marriage and their nasty behavior during the divorce. I’m an adult now, please help me to let go of the bitterness.

Happy Father's Day to my Dad. I will always cherish memories of being Daddy's Girl. And I thank the Lord to have you in my life still. Happy Father's Day, too, to my father-in-law in heaven. You made me feel like a princess and my only wish is that you could've been here to spoil your grandkids.

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