Thursday, February 12, 2015

I've Decided to call this season "Pre-Spring"

It's almost Valentine's Day. You'd hardly know it with all the snow we have here. So far this winter, the city of Worcester, MA (which is just east of Naultag), has received 92" of snow. That's more than 7 feet of snow!! 

To combat the winter blahs, I've been focusing on how many more days  until Spring. This morning I decided to start calling the remainder of this season "Pre-Spring." Sounds better than "winter" or even "late winter." In fact, my pastor's last name is Winters - I may start calling him Pastor Pre-Spring

Here are some photos of our snow so far this year:
Winter storm Juno - a Nor'Easter Blizzard 1/27/15

The Nor'Easter dropped 30"+ on us

Sasha's Cave 2/10/15
Sasha's Cave 1/27/15
Sasha, our Siberian Husky, has a spot in her kennel that we call her "cave." On the left, snow is forming a top and sides. On the right, taken 2/10/15, shows her cave is now an igloo!

This pile is 19' wide by 30'+ long and 8'-9' tall!! 2/8/15

Fence is almost buried! 2/10/15