Saturday, November 21, 2015

God Isn't a Magician

God isn't a magician. But He is the Creator of All, capable of doing whatever He wants. Whether or not we think it's possible. And whether or not you think it's selfish to ask. God wants a personal relationship with each of us. He already knows what's on your mind - so just say it already!

I just read a Facebook post in which a grandmother tells a story about her grandson saying Grace before eating at a restaurant. He includes a request for ice cream. Another diner whispers a loud criticism, saying kids these days don't know how to pray properly. The story ends with the grandson giving his ice cream to that nasty diner. It's a good story but I want to expand upon it.

Child At Prayer, Eastman Johnson, circa 1873

We're told that we should "give it all to God" and rely solely on the Lord for our needs. How do you do that? I know how I do but it's taken me a long time to get here and I've got a long ways to go yet. When we tell children not to say "selfish" prayers, what we're really saying is that God doesn't care what you want. We're teaching children to withhold the desires of their hearts. And that is NOT what the Lord wants!

Several years ago, our dog Sasha ran off at the tail-end of a very severe thunderstorm. The storm knocked out our power and we'd just found out it spawned a tornado that tore through the center of the state, from Springfield to Charlton, MA. Scary stuff, especially for a 5 year old who's beloved pet has now run off into the still stormy night. My husband and I drove around looking for Sasha but it was too dark and we were running out of gas. I went home and told my kids the best thing to do now was pray.

Two hours later, Sasha returned. Unhurt but filthy, and she's never gone off that long ever since. I think perhaps she scared herself. When we had her back safely inside, my 5 year old son told me, "I prayed that God would bring Sasha home and He did!" I believe that is the moment that he truly accepted and believed that God cares, even about little boys and wandering dogs.

The next day I told a friend this story and the response was, "God isn't a magician, you know." I was very disappointed by this response. Here was someone who's faith I respect telling me, in essence, that it was wrong for my son to pray for God to save our dog. WHAT?? So why do we pray for sick people? Why do we pray when disaster strikes? I had a hard time holding back my anger, though I'm glad I did because friendship is important and sometimes even smart friends don't say things quite the way they meant.

When children pray for things like "please let Nana buy us ice cream" or "please bring my dog home safe" what they are really doing is giving all their hearts' desires to the Lord. They are Giving it to God. Isn't that what we're supposed to do? When you were five, did you ever ask Santa for you to grow up to have a well-paid job and a nice house? No! You asked for toys. When you were in college, that's when you dreamed of the great job and nice house. Well, that's how faith and prayer works, too. 

Praying Hands by Albrecht Dürer
You start off in the childhood stage, no matter what age you are when you first come to Christ. In the beginning, your prayers sound a bit selfish: "please let work go well today," "please help me not be nasty to that jerk in accounting," "please let me get a pay raise." You sprinkle in some good stuff, too, because they tell you that's how it's done: "please heal Mr. Smith," "please let the mission fund get lots of donations," "please be with the people who were in that natural disaster." 

After a bit, maybe a few weeks maybe a few years, just depends on the individual, your prayers start to change. Your faith grows stronger. No, you don't get everything you prayed for in the past but you start to see how what you want isn't always what's best, for you or others. If you're a parent, you can compare raising a child to growing your faith. Your kids may beg and plead for more candy but you know too much isn't a good thing. God knows this kind of stuff about us, too. As your faith matures, you start asking things like, "Lord, please let me have a good day but most of all, please help me do what you want." We pray to be able to accept and follow the Lord's will. 

That kind of faith doesn't come with accepting Jesus as your Savior. Faith, as is often stated, is like a seed. It gets planted and then needs to be nourished. John 15:2 states, "He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful." Our prayers begin one way, our faith grows and the Lord prunes, and our prayers mature. But we'll always have more growing to do!

God is not a magician but sometimes prayer can work in ways our feeble little minds consider magical!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Deleted Scenes...

Movies have bloopers. Sometimes they'll leak a scene that was cut. Well, novels have lots of deleted scenes. An author writes the first draft and then tweaks what works, slices what doesn't. But these manuscripts are like our babies - actually "deleting" what we wrote is painful. So the scenes tend to get tucked into a file and often never read again. 

Today, I'm offering up a deleted scene from SHE'S MINE. If you've read the book, you will find vague referencing to the Memorial Day parade. In the first drafts, there was actually a chapter with Sean and Caitlin interacting at the parade; Caitlin even rides in one of the fire trucks with Sean in the parade. It just didn't advance the plot enough and I was able to put the little bit of pertinent details in subsequent chapters (where they actually worked better). Still, I liked the scene. Here is a portion of it, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

“Janelle has arranged for you to ride in another truck so you can have a front seat view of the parade.”
She looked over his shoulder, realizing why Sean had joined the group. Sitting in the front would be more fun than being squeezed between two rambunctious six-year-old boys. Janelle grinned. Caitlin narrowed her eyes and tried to telepathically communicate I know what you’re doing, to her best friend. Sliding her gaze back to Scott, she nodded.
He opened the door and jumped down. She faced the truck and climbed carefully. The feel of hands suddenly on her hips surprised her. A quick glance showed Sean guiding her. He dropped his hands as her feet hit the ground.
“Sorry, didn’t mean to get touchy-feely there. Just didn’t want you to fall.”
“I have a pretty good sense of balance.” Not wanting a repeat of the other day she added, “Thank you for being considerate.”
He arched an eyebrow. “Thanks for giving me the benefit of doubt. Truck’s over this way.”
Long, quick strides carried him across the parking lot. She stared at his departing form. He moved with confidence. The dark blue pants and white shirt of the fire department uniform looked good on him. Wavy blond curls edged over his collar. Her mouth went dry. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.
He stopped beside a red F350 Super Duty. She hurried to catch up. When he turned to look at her, she was struck by the contradictions in his face. Broad with angular planes, his expression could be hard and a bit intimidating. Harbor blue eyes might’ve been chilly. Instead he smiled and his face became round, cheerful, almost boyish.
“This is the forestry truck.” Sean spoke with pride.
“It’s like your truck, only red.”
“And a bit bigger.” He smiled. “This one holds over two hundred gallons of water, plus she’s got a pump that’ll send out five hundred gallons per minute. That is the hose reel.” He pointed as he spoke. “There’s a generator onboard, four 15 amp outlets, two telescoping lights and rear scene lights.”
Caitlin stared at the truck, awed by its implied capabilities. She pointed to the built out front bumper. “Do I even want to know about that?”
“No.” His smiled dimmed, as if recalling unpleasant memories. “That one is a Briggs and Stratton power unit. The others are called Hurst tools. Ask Scott if you want to know more. I’d rather not get into a discussion about car accidents.”
“Okay with me.” She let a smile claim her lips. Sean was pleasant to talk to when she wasn’t being rude. “I’m not much into blood and guts.”
“We’ll get along fine, then.” Pronounced dimples appeared as his grin returned.
Caitlin held her smile, trying to hide her nervousness. In jeans and t-shirt at the farm, Sean had a down-to-earth, regular guy kind of look. Today, in uniform, he looked like a rough-edged gentleman. Both were attractive and that worried her.
Adam always behaved like a perfect gentleman. Dressing smartly, his black hair cut short and combed straight and neat. Yet Adam had played a role, luring her into a trap. And she hadn’t known until it was too late. Then he’d revealed his true self: a manipulating, conniving narcissist. What proof was there that Sean was who he seemed to be?
He’d been talking and she hadn’t heard a word. Now he held the door, gesturing for her to get into the truck.
“Sorry, got lost in thought for a moment.”
“Having second thoughts about riding with me?”
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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Meet Millie from CELTIC KNOT

(reposting an old interview - in celebration of CELTIC KNOT being on sale for just 99¢)

Today I have the pleasure of chatting with Millie Finnigan. Millie's mother, Abby Finnigan, is the heroine of CELTIC KNOT.

"Welcome, Millie. Have a cookie and tell us a little about yourself."

Millie grabs a cookie but waits to eat it. "Hi, I'm excited to be here today. Let's see, I'm seven years old and I live with my mother in Prophecy, Colorado."

She takes a bite of cookie, not talking again until she's finished chewing. "My real name is Millicent but Momma only calls me that when she's cross. I try not to make her angry 'cause she works real hard and hardly ever smiles. Momma has a pretty smile but sometimes her eyes seem to look far away and her face gets sad."

"Why do you think she's sad?"

"It's as if she's looking at a photograph in her memory." Millie fidgets with her dress, dropping her gaze a moment before continuing. "Remembering Daddy, I think. He died when I was four. That's when we moved back to Prophecy. Momma says that Daddy called me his little blessing. I don't hardly remember him. Sometimes that makes me sad."

"What makes you happy?"

A smile brightens Millie's countenance. "Playing with my best friend, Jennifer Stanton. Her pa is the town preacher an' her folks are real nice. They always treat me like family. Pastor and Mrs. Stanton worry about Momma an' me, 'cause we don't always have money for nice things. But Momma takes real good care of me."

"Doesn't your grandfather own the largest ranch around Prophecy? In fact, he owns most of the town. Why doesn't your mother ask him for help?"

Millie shrugs. "Momma's family isn't very nice. I've never even met my grandfather. Once, I heard someone say that Raymond Bigelow, that's Momma's father, is so mean and contrary he makes Satan look angelic. All's I know is my uncle Clayton is scary. He says things like teaching the whelp proper respect. That's what he calls me, the whelp." She shudders. "I don't like him."

"I'm sure your mother stays away from Clayton, then."

"We try but Momma works at the Silver Streak Saloon, as a maid. Uncle Clayton goes there a lot and he looks for Momma. He likes being mean, an' not just to her. I can't understand why Boone is friends with him."

"Who is Boone?"

"He's our sheriff. Boone's real nice. He always wants to buy me stuff but Momma won't let him. She says she don't want to be beholden to him." Millie scrunches her nose. "Not sure what that means. I do know Boone wants to marry Momma. He might be a nice daddy. Still, I want Momma to be happy. She never smiles for Boone, least ways, not the kind of smile she gets when Mr. Lachapelle is around."

"Kyle Lachapelle? When did you meet him?"

"He came into the mercantile one morning when Momma was buying supplies an' things." Millie leans forward to whisper, "He likes lemon candies just like me." She sits back in the chair, speaking in her normal voice once more. "An' he stood up to Boone, didn't let anyone push him around. Later, he walked with Momma and me and he was a real gentleman. I hope he comes around more, 'cept Momma told him she don't want to be his friend. I hope she changes her mind."

"I sure hope so, too. Millie, it's been a joy having you here today. Do take one of those lemon candies from the jar for later. Yes, you may take one for Jennifer as well. Thank you for visiting."

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Monday, August 31, 2015

SHE'S MINE is On Sale!!

Great news - I'm running a Kindle Countdown sale for SHE'S MINE! Starting August 31st, the price for the eBook is $1.99...until midnight (PST) on September 4th...which is 3:00am on 9/4 for those on the East coast. After that, the price will be $2.99 until 11:00pm (PST) on September 6th. (click the picture or this link to go to the page:

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Please help me out and tell all your friends about this promotion. SHE'S MINE has a 4.6★ rating on Amazon, with comments like:

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~ "I loved this book. Full of twists and turns and unexpected events. And a great ending."

~ "I really liked this story. Lots of mystery along with a good romance. I didn't want to put the book down until I'd finished it."

"Fantastic read. Poured through this book because I couldn't put it down! The storyline kept me guessing. There is a masterful plot twist, that I didn't see coming - and I loved it!! " ~ Lisa Belcastro, author of the Winds of Change series and Possible Dreams series.

Caitlin Harrington has a new job and a new life away from her menacing ex-boyfriend, Adam. Issues with her parents, losing her previous job and the death of her beloved grandmother leave her wondering if God has abandoned her. Two things she is sure of: she’s a lousy judge of character and men just can’t be trusted. Now a volunteer firefighter who has come to her rescue more than once is dangerously close to breaking through her defenses. 

And not everyone in sleepy Naultag, Massachusetts is welcoming. Someone is leaving ominous notes on her door. 

Sean Taggart likes being a rescuer. But a failed engagement has taught him to be cautious with his heart and Caitlin is a threat. Women just can’t be trusted. Still, he’d like to save Caitlin from whatever demons have her so spooked. If only she’d let him. 

Threatening notes. Scratching at the windows during the night. A shadowy figure lurking in her yard. Caitlin must tell the police about Adam, but everything he told her was a lie. Who is Adam? And if Caitlin trusts Sean to protect her, will his life be in danger? 

Can Sean rescue Caitlin before the stalker becomes a killer? 

SHE'S MINE is available at and 
 this novel is also available in print format from many online retailers

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Sunday, June 21, 2015


Caitlin Harrington hasn't had a good relationship with her father, so Father's Day isn't something she celebrates. Wise words from Chaplain Oakes, which aren't even aimed at her personally, open her eyes. I'm sharing this excerpt from SHE'S MINE for all those out there who maybe didn't have the greatest Dad. Or maybe you do have the perfect father - hopefully this passage will help you appreciate him even more.

The pastor paused a moment, letting each parishioner gather thoughts of their parent. He smiled. “My dad was a wonderful man. Of course, it wasn’t until I was a father myself that I could fully understand how wonderful. Even so, he often had occasion to lose patience with me as I have struggled to keep mine with my children.”
A smattering of laughter supported his sentiment. Caitlin smiled, too. Being a teacher had given her a healthy respect for the difficulties of raising children.
“Now, as I read these familiar passages I’d like you to think about your earthly father in contrast to your Heavenly Father. We, as children of God, often give the Lord good reason to be angered or lose his patience. Yet He sent us his Son, and we are all saved by the sacrifice of Jesus. As you go about celebrating Father’s Day today, think about how loving our Heavenly Father is”

Chaplain Oakes turned to his Bible, glancing at the congregation to be sure all were ready for the reading. In those few seconds of waiting, Caitlin bowed her head. Lord, I haven’t ever thought of my dad as loving. Please forgive my selfish feelings. Even if those feelings are the product of my parents’ bad marriage and their nasty behavior during the divorce. I’m an adult now, please help me to let go of the bitterness.

Happy Father's Day to my Dad. I will always cherish memories of being Daddy's Girl. And I thank the Lord to have you in my life still. Happy Father's Day, too, to my father-in-law in heaven. You made me feel like a princess and my only wish is that you could've been here to spoil your grandkids.

Get to know Caitlin Harrington in SHE'S MINE, a contemporary romantic suspense set in a small town in central Massachusetts. Available on Kindle and in print at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Find out more about author Tammy Doherty at her Facebook page

Friday, May 15, 2015

Christian Fiction Friday

I wanted to give you a little peek into SHE'S MINE, something you won't see with the Amazon preview...and possibly it's meant to be a bit of a teaser. After all, I do write romantic suspense! 

“I’ve prepared an outstandingly spectacular welcome for lover boy,” he scoffed. “When he goes into that house to rescue you—BOOM!”

Caitlin flinched, glancing back as they left the house. Tears blurred her eyes. She stumbled.

“Oh don’t fret sweetheart. The explosion won’t kill him. In fact it’ll hardly be more than a little firecracker.” A breath escaped her. He laughed. “Yup, he’ll be fine after that initial explosion. Fine enough to go searching for you. By the time he realizes you aren’t in there, all those little charges will have started such a fire that he can’t possibly escape. I made sure, even added a back-up.”

Oh no, please Lord, no. “How…” she faltered. “How do you know he’ll come?”

“Because you’re going to call him.”

They were back at the truck. Absently he cuffed her to the side mirror as he pulled the phone out again. “I’m going to send these lovely pictures to lover boy. He’ll recognize the house right away. After all, he still owns it. I’m sure the Staties could see my truck on that last fly over, they’ll send a cruiser to check it out. By the time a car makes it down here, we’ll be gone. Well, I will be anyway.”

Now it’s your turn!  Just link your Christian Fiction Friday! Here are the rules:
1. Christian Fiction Friday is a blog hop where authors post short (400-ish words or less) snippets from their current works in progress (I used my recently published novel, but here is a great way to showcase and preview what you have coming up for your readers).
2. Keep it PG-13 or lower. No swearing, no sex scenes. If you have a particularly violent scene or deal with a heavy or controversial subject matter, please include a disclaimer at the beginning of your post.
1. Visit at least some of the other Christian Fiction Friday  authors each week and comment on their blogs.

2. Don't offer critiques unless the author specifically asks for it in his or her post.

3. Please include this blurb at the end of your weekly post
Christian Fiction Friday is a weekly blog hop where authors post short (400-word or less) snippets from their current works in progress. It is hosted by Alana Terry and Hallee Bridgeman.
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For 5 days only, May 7th to May 11th, I'm offering my newest novel for the low, low price of FREEE!! Be sure to snag this 5 star Romantic Suspense while it is so reasonably priced (after May 11th, it's still pretty reasonable at only $4.99...but free trumps any dollar amount every day!!)

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

She's Mine is a Grace Awards Finalist!!!!!

Yeah, I'm !!!!!! kind of excited about this - The Grace Awards is in its 5th year but this is the first time I had a book eligible. And I'm a finalist!!

The Grace Awards celebrates excellence in faith-based fiction, seeking to expand its scope and readership and to showcase its value in the Christian community (and the world at large). The tag-line "Expanding the Tent Pegs of Christian Fiction" really sums up this award. Each year, from January 1 to February 28, readers vote for (nominate) novels published the previous year, in six categories. The voting requires readers to write a 40 (or more) word statement of why they like the book they are nominating. 

As SHE'S MINE was released on December 1, 2014, it was eligible for this award. But it had a short time in which to impress enough readers to garner enough votes to make the first-round pick. And it did! I'm so thrilled that you all like my book!!! Being nominated really is an honor. Whether or not my novel wins, I will always have this achievement to cherish.

Now, enough of tooting my own horn. Because I'm up against some stiff competition. One other finalist in the Mystery/Suspense category is none other than my critique partner Nike Chillemi. Her novel HARMFUL INTENT is a fast-paced police procedural type mystery with a hunky hero and a lovable yet sometimes snarky heroine. I absolutely LOVE this novel!   

I'm not familiar with the third finalist novel, BETWEEN THE LIES by Joy DeKok. It has 91, 5 star reviews so it must be a good story! The blurb on Amazon sounds very intriguing. I'll definitely be adding it to my TBR list :) 

In other categories, some of my favorites of 2014 are finalists as well as several of my fellow CIA members (that's Christian Indie Authors - not the "other" CIA!!). Here's a peak at the others:

Congratulations to all the finalists! Be sure to check the Grace Awards blog to read a short blurb about each novel. And check back in May to find out the winners! In the meantime, support Christian fiction by reading one or more of these wonderful novels and posting reviews online. Take it from this author - finding a new review posted is like Christmas morning!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Sneak Peek at the next Mystique of Naultag novel

Welcome to Christian Fiction Friday's - a chance for Christian Authors to post short snippets from their works in progress.

For those who have read SHE'S MINE, you know I end with a teaser about Randy Henderson. No spoiler here - yes, Randy is the co-star of the next Mystique of Naultag novel. Unfortunately, this one has no title yet. I'm calling it "MON2" (Mystique of Naultag #2). Randy's leading lady is Giovana McKenzie. Here's how I picture them:

From MON2, chapter 1:
Gio met Randy’s gaze. “Are you ready?”
He nodded. Deema blew a nervous breath as Gio encouraged the mare to lower herself to the straw bedding. Relieved when the horse accepted her interference, Gio knelt and went to work.
“You’ll need to make sure she stays down.” Glancing up, she saw Randy was already positioning himself to restrain the mare. “Try to keep her as calm as possible.”
Labor contractions had wedged the foal in the birth canal. Gio would fist need to repel the foal, pushing back gently, then carefully extend the forelegs. After that, she had to bring the head around to facing forward. Then, and only then, she’d help ease the baby into the world.
Lord, please help me do this, guide my hands.
“Easy does it now, girl. Dr. MacKenzie’s gonna make it all better.”
Randy’s soft reassuring tone grabbed Gio’s attention. He was down on the floor beside Deema’s head, left elbow on the ground and forearm extending across the mare’s neck, ready to apply pressure to prevent her from rising. His right hand caressed Deema’s face and ears while he continued to croon words of comfort and encouragement. He glanced at Gio and grinned.
Repositioning the unseen foal required full concentration. Gio adjusted the foal between contractions. The comforting cadence and low timbre of Randy’s voice calmed her as well as the horse.
At last the foal’s forelegs were straight. Gio found the little muzzle and was easing it around when another contraction clamped uterine muscles. The foal slid toward the birth canal. Frantically, Gio pushed against the movement with one hand, trying to maintain her hold on the foal’s muzzle at the same time.
A low growl escaped her. Randy’s sing-song faltered as he shot a quizzical glance her way. She managed a weak smile before refocusing on the foal. Randy began softly singing "Blackbird."
Photo by Carey Williams, Rutgers University
Christian Fiction Friday is a weekly blog hop where authors post snippets from their current Works In Progress. It is hosted by Alana Terry and Hallee Bridgeman - see more at

Thursday, February 12, 2015

I've Decided to call this season "Pre-Spring"

It's almost Valentine's Day. You'd hardly know it with all the snow we have here. So far this winter, the city of Worcester, MA (which is just east of Naultag), has received 92" of snow. That's more than 7 feet of snow!! 

To combat the winter blahs, I've been focusing on how many more days  until Spring. This morning I decided to start calling the remainder of this season "Pre-Spring." Sounds better than "winter" or even "late winter." In fact, my pastor's last name is Winters - I may start calling him Pastor Pre-Spring

Here are some photos of our snow so far this year:
Winter storm Juno - a Nor'Easter Blizzard 1/27/15

The Nor'Easter dropped 30"+ on us

Sasha's Cave 2/10/15
Sasha's Cave 1/27/15
Sasha, our Siberian Husky, has a spot in her kennel that we call her "cave." On the left, snow is forming a top and sides. On the right, taken 2/10/15, shows her cave is now an igloo!

This pile is 19' wide by 30'+ long and 8'-9' tall!! 2/8/15

Fence is almost buried! 2/10/15 

Friday, January 23, 2015


This week, I had the honor of having my novel, SHE'S MINE, chosen as winner of the January Clash of the Titles!! It's so exciting because this is a competition where readers choose which book they'd most like to read based on the cover and a brief blurb. So not only did my blurb catch interest, but the beautiful cover designed by my talented artist daughter, Tiffany Doherty, is also a winner! (you might be able to tell by all the exclamation points that I'm a little excited about this award!!!)

As I've mentioned before, Naultag - the fictional setting of SHE'S MINE - is based on the area of Massachusetts where I live and grew up. At one point, Sean takes Caitlin to a restaurant called Claudia's. Here's an interest tidbit of trivia: a friend, and former childhood babysitter, used to own a restaurant in town. She's always been supportive of both my writing and our family perennial nursery business. So I named the diner in my book after her - Claudia. Here's what the real restaurant looks like:

I'm excited to share more of my part of the world with readers. Look for more posts in the future with photos of the central MA region. And be sure to check out Clash of the Titles blog for more clashes each month. You may find a new favorite author. If you haven't yet bought a copy of SHE'S MINE, what are you waiting for?!! Hop over to Amazon and get it for your Kindle or in print.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Author Spotlight - Dana Pratola with a NEW RELEASE!!

I met Dana Pratola on Facebook. Though we've never met face-to-face, I consider her to be a friend. Two years ago, I had the joy of reading the first novel in Dana's Descended series, Descended ~ Jett. It is a fabulous novel! I absolutely must read Sebastian, because the third in the series just released and I want to read them all! 

Descended ~ Aaro released on New Year's Day. It's the third book in the 4-part Descended series. Aaro Highlander, like his “brothers,” is a special breed—not quite angel, not quite human—with spectacular gifts, deep running passions and strength of character that makes him the ideal man for our heroine, Darcy.

This part of the journey reveals prophetic secrets unknown to the other men (Jett & Sebastian) until now. While searching for a serial killer, they also await the discovery of the fourth of their kind to come together for a greater purpose. (oooh, can you feel the anticipation?!!)

Here's an excerpt to wet your appetite:

George didn’t bother to conceal his irritation when Aaro approached. He crumpled his napkin and dropped it next to his plate. “You’re food isn’t ready yet?”

Oh, how Aaro loved arrogant blow-hards. He grinned, and pulled out an empty chair. “No. So I’ll just sit with you guys for a minute. You don’t mind, right?” he asked George, then turned to Darcy.

He caught the quick snicker she tried to mask with a delicate cough and a sip of iced tea. She was something. Reaching onto her plate, Aaro stole an olive. He didn’t like olives, but it served to move her eyes to his face where he could send her a not-so-subtle wink.

George made a show of tugging up the sleeve of his Armani shirt to look at his three thousand dollar watch, even though there was a wall clock mounted less than five feet away.

“You have to get back to work,” he said, signaling their waiter for the check.

Aaro took Darcy’s hand, rubbing her wrist with his thumb. Her breath caught, an action that was mimicked by her pulse under his touch. “Do you have to leave so soon?”

She nodded, dumbly, as the waiter set down the leather check folder, thanked them for coming, and strode away. George stood, pulled a money clip from his pocket and slapped down a wad of cash, without seeming to count it.

“In that case, let me say goodbye,” Aaro said.

He leaned from his chair to hers, sliding his hand beneath her sleek ponytail and behind her neck, gently pulling her toward his waiting mouth.

The touch of her warm, flavorful lips had him pressing closer, flexing his fingers against the smoothness of her neck, resisting the desire to slide his hand down her back or to open her mouth to his probing tongue.

He’d thought he knew what he was doing. He’d meant for it to be a sweet peck on the lips, just a harmless show—

No he hadn’t. He’d meant it to be hot and searing, meant it to put that pansy, George, in his place and let him know he would never kiss Darcy like this, never evoke the response she was giving now. Only he didn’t expect his own response to be quite so urgent. Didn’t expect it to induce visions of clearing the table off with one swipe and taking her there in a crowded restaurant.

And he certainly didn’t expect the absolute silence when he reined himself in enough to back slowly away, brushing his thumb over her flushed cheek. Darcy’s eyes shimmered with heat, her breath coming in shallow gasps as she reached for her drink.

But, George didn’t give her time to sip. Moving around Aaro’s still recovering form, he took Darcy by the hand and shuffled her outside.

Aaro sat there a few more seconds, working out in his own mind what just happened. He felt…possessive. What was that about? He swallowed, hard, and looked around. Every eye in the place was focused on him, including Kate’s, her cheeks deep pink as she fanned a white cloth in front of her face.

Embarrassed, he tried a half smile as he walked back to the counter. He’d never been out of control in public before.

“So, that steak done?”

Kate chuckled. “Yes. And it’s on the house.”

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