Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring Is Here

It's truly spring when the apple trees bloom! My camera doesn't do justice to the beauty of the blossoms. The pics below are of Brookfield Orchards, in North Brookfield.

This is one of the older sections. In the fall, the orchard opens up these rows of trees to "Pick Your Own" - an annual tradition for many families around here. Way off in the distance are the hills of Spencer, MA.

Across the road from the section shown above is this field of younger trees (below). Notice the stonewall running parallel to the pavement. Typical New England, including the daffodils!
The birds are singing all day. At night, the peepers keep up their incessant racket. The maple trees are blooming and leaves are unfurling everywhere. SPRING IS HERE!


  1. Hey, the blog looks fantastic visually.

    Good job. :)

  2. Thanks for the compliment, Nike. The photo in the header was taken by my daughter about 2 years ago. She takes some amazing photographs - with my camera. Kids...gotta love 'em!