Friday, November 28, 2014

A Good Man is Good

In my new novel, SHE'S MINE (releasing December 1, 2014), Caitlin Harrington struggles to know how to tell if someone is truly a good person or merely a wolf in sheep's clothing. She recently dated a guy she met at Bible Study, thinking his apparent interest in learning about God and Jesus indicated that he was a good man. He wasn't good. At all. She flees from him, returning to her childhood hometown where she has a new job. And meets Sean Taggart, who seems like a great guy. Almost too perfect, in fact.

Fear chilled Caitlin. On the one hand, the idea was romantic, joining with the man she loved and becoming one. On the other hand, what if the guy wasn’t what at first he seemed to be? She’d get her heart broken, or worse. If only there was a way to tell if Sean was the nice guy he appeared to be or actually a slimy creep like Adam.
Caitlin bowed her head. “Lord, please forgive me. I’ve been trying to figure this out on my own. But I need to lean on you. Please show me the right path. Help me choose correctly.”

At this point, Caitlin turns to her Bible and reads Luke 6:45. “The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.”
Seems too good to be true, doesn't it? That's exactly how Caitlin feels. Yet it is true. When
Image courtesy of Savour Sisterhood
your heart is filled with goodness, you speak more kindly, are more helpful, and are just generally a good person. People whose hearts are filled with evil are generally bad. Take a moment to think about the people you interact with daily. See, it's true. But there's more to it, something we don't think about yet is crucially important. If you consider yourself a good person, don't fill your thoughts (and Facebook/Twitter status updates) with nasty things. That doesn't mean you can't disagree with someone. And certainly a little sarcasm used humorously in a way that isn't hurtful can bring about a laugh - which is good. But letting your head fill with thoughts of criticism of others or negativity about situations is like letting a cut get infected. Pretty soon the wound fester, oozes pus and smells bad, and if left untreated, it becomes a major problem. Yeah, it's natural to get down about things now and then. Current affairs are enough to drag anybody down into the pit of negativity. Don't go there! Fight it! Fill your thoughts with positives, things that make you smile. If someone else's discomfort or pain makes you smile, then you probably need to reconsider whether you are a good person or and evil one.

In SHE'S MINE, Caitlin first thought Adam was a good man because he attended church and Bible study. He expressed an interest in learning more about Christ. But it was all for show. After a few months, Adam's true personality became clear. Sean, on the other hand, is kind and considerate to everyone, well-liked and respected in the church and town-wide. He has a fantastic rapport with the kids on his Little League team, including Caitlin's best friend's sons. Good overflows from his heart. Too bad Caitlin had treated him so coldly in their earlier encounters. Dared she hope Sean might be willing to forgive her? 

SHE'S MINE, the new contemporary romantic suspense by Tammy Doherty, is now available on Kindle and coming soon in print on Amazon


  1. Great blog post. And it's a wonderful novel. Exciting read.

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Nike. I'm going to try posting regularly :-) And I really appreciate your review on Amazon!

  3. Good blog Tamny. The book is pgreat also

  4. I am about 1/3 of the way through, and enjoying "She's Mine" thoroughly... Really well-written. And, thanks for sharing on your Blog.... And old Hymn comes to mind about being genuine for Christ: "I Would be True, for there are those who trust me...."